Equipment for the Plastics Industry
End of Arm Tooling, Inc.
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                           Company Profile

  • Distribute High Quality EOAT Components

  • Design & Build of EOATs

  • EOAT Training Class

  • Custom Automation

For more than 25 years we have been in the business of
providing End Of Arm Tooling components. We also design
and build End-of-Arm-Tools. You will find all our standard
components in our
online catalog.

End of Arm Tooling, Inc. is a reliable and competent partner
for all your End of Arm Tooling needs with the following

  • Profiles Specifically Designed for EOAT Applications
  • All Components Are Reusable.
  • Countless Possibilities and Good Value
  • Erector Set Approach.
  • All Components Fit Together
  • All Components Are in Stock
  • Same Day Shipping
  • User Friendly: Easy to Adjust
  • Product R&D
  • EOAT Training Available
  • Design Service
  • Custom Built EOATs
  • Direct Sales Force
  • Complete Tool Builds
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                                   Tips for Selecting Components

End of Arm Tooling is definitely not high on your priority list when you think about automating
your injection molding machine.   What comes to mind first are the robots, robot controls, Â  
interfacing between the robot and the injection molding machine, and the safety enclosure so
nobody gets hurt.  You might even think about secondary operations with your robot i.e.
degating or packaging parts while the injection molding machine is in cycle.

While all the above mentioned tasks require full attention, the robot attachment, end effector or
better called End of Arm Tooling will most of the time get very little attention at this point.
Usually the robot manufacturer or system integrator will supply the most cost efficient EOAT
solution, dedicated for the initial parts removal program it is contracted to perform.

A full line of erector set style flexible End of Arm Tool components - End of Arm Tooling, Inc.
builds and designs end of arm tools and distributes a full line of EOAT hardware. >ASS<
Maschinenbau GmbH in Cologne Germany is the pioneer in End of Arm Tool hardware. In the 20
years of the company's existence, it has always been focused on application in the plastics
industry. For every injection molding application, End of Arm Tooling, Inc. offers off the shelf
components which easily fit into the EOAT erector set.