Equipment for the Plastics Industry
Getecha, Inc.
35 Trolley Crossing Road #4
Charlton, MA  01507
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Established in 1956, Getecha has been manufacturing high
quality granulators and size reduction machinery.  Getecha aims
to supply excellent technical and cost effective solutions to meet
customer's needs.  Over time, this has led to the development of
a wide range of equipment with proven technology.  A worldwide
sales and service network guarantees quick and uncomplicated
customer support.

Over the last 50 years, Getecha has become known as a
premier plastics granulator manufacturer in Europe and North
American.  In 2001, Getecha manufactured the United States'
number one selling model beside-the-press granulator.  In 2002
Getecha began offering a line of mid-sized and central
granulators to the North American market.  

Getecha offers full technical support, installation and specialized
application assistance for the following applications:

  • Micro-Molding
  • Beside-the-Press
  • Mid-Size & Batch Feed
  • Central Heavy Duty
  • Super Heavy Duty
  • Thermoforming & Sheet
  • Optical Disc Industry
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