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Morris Coupling Co.
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Charlton, MA  01507
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A family owned company founded in 1941, Morris began its entry into
pneumatic conveying through its design and introduction of the
industry's first compression coupling – still the standard of the
industry after more than 60 years. Superior quality, unequaled service
and an unending commitment to total customer satisfaction has firmly
established Morris as the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of
components for pneumatic conveying systems.

Morris' significant growth over the years has been driven by an
enhanced product offering, tremendous customer loyalty and
outstanding employee dedication.

Compression Couplings
  • Side-Band Couplings
  • Quickon II Couplers®
  • Gripper™ Couplers
  • All-A-Round Couplings
  • Clamp Sleeves
  • Solid Sleeves

PVC Flexible Hose
  • Polyurethane Flexible Hose
  • Metal Flexible Hose and Hose Assemblies
  • Hose Clamps and Accessories

Pneumatic Bends
  • Vacuum Bends and Accessories
  • Custom Short Radius Bends
  • Tubing and Pipe Straights
  • Standard and Custom-Weld Fabrications
  • Sight Glasses

  • Heli-groove & Shot-Peen
  • "Flo-Lined"
  • Ceramic-Lined
  • Ceramic-Backed
  • Wear-Backed Elbows

  • Threaded Rod and Couplers
  • Beam Clamps
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Compression Couplings
PVC Flexible Hose
Vacuum Bends & Accessories
Hose Clamps