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The Sytrama G-Series part removal robots can
perform multiple operations in a sequence,
starting with part removal (including movements
in the mold area), then traversing out and
stopping to degate the sprue, for cutting or milling
stations, insert loading, etc. The unit can also be
programmed to operate downstream automation.
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Large touch screen display for operation, programming &
Left or right hand operation with 3 position safety switch
Simultaneous movement of the axes
Strip stroke can be pushed back with the ejectors (X-Free)
Control conveyors and peripheral equipment\
Standard palletizing program
Diagnostics are shown on the pendant screen
Storage for 100 main programs with 100 sub-programs
Multiple password levels allow customized password protection
Additional Spare Inputs and Outputs (12 each) are standard
Input and Output modules are expandable
Simultaneous execution of up to 20 program lines
User definable safe working areas (8 in total)
Controls up to 6 servo axes
Automatic resetting of the servo drive data in case replacement is
Control monitors system conditions and maintenance conditions
Alarm history can be downloaded via the USB port
Control is Network Ready no additional software required
SCP Touch Screen
Control System
Sytrama Unique Series
Sytrama G Series
The Unique offers a low cost servo alternative to pneumatic
pick and place units.  By its Unique combination of axes it
can perform multiple operations in a sequence, such as part
pick up in the mold area, then traversing out and stopping for
degating the sprue and placing the parts onto a table or
The units are constructed using high quality, world class
components for the PLC, motors, drives, valves and
pneumatic cylinders.
The MCP Touch Screen Control – This powerful control is
fully programmable, with all of the features easily accessed
through the touch screen.
MCP Touch Screen
Control System
Easy To Use Control Features