Equipment for the Plastics Industry
Lines Represented
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Auxilliary Equipment including:  Conveyors, Plantwide Automation Equipment,
Automated Box-Fill Systems, Portable Resin Bins, Resin Loaders,
Part/Runner Separators and Diverters, Inspection Tables, Clean Rooms, Drum
and Gaylord Box Filter Covers, Air Conveying Systems, Robot Guarding, Mold
Side Curtains, Tie Bar Sleeves and Under Press Chutes.  MAC offers high
quality, cost effective automation solutions.
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Size reduction of all types of plastic materials.  Robot feed, central and
beside the press granulators.  Shredders, sheet and thermoform
reduction systems, blowers and cyclone systems.
Precise and energy efficient electric injection molding machines,
35-2000 tons, vertical and horizontal styles, silicone and other specialty
Stainless steel, aluminum and ceramic lined tubing, elbows, couplings,
flexhose and hardware for material handling installations at discounted
Closed loop resin conveying and central drying systems.  Silos, bulk
unloading, blending and storage systems.  Extrusion and molding
machine vacuum loaders, beside the press dryers, volumetric and
gravimetric additive feeders and blenders.  Fines separation and
de-dusting systems.  Installation and design assistance.
High temperature heat transfer fluids for a variety of applications.  
Non-fouling Paratherm NF for temperatures up to 600 degrees
Precise, easy to program Servo drive robots designed for part removal
and secondary operations including de-gating, milling, insert loading,
label inserting and palletizing.
Heating and cooling systems for plastic processing and all types of
industrial processes.  Air and water cooled chillers, cooling towers, tanks
and pumping systems.  Open and closed loop portable and central
systems.  Installation and design assistance.
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Full line of erector set style flexible End of Arm Tool components - builds
and designs end of arm tools and distributes a full line of EOAT
hardware. In the 20 years of the company's existence, it has always
been focused on application in the plastics industry. For every injection
molding application, End of Arm Tooling, Inc. offers off the shelf
components which easily fit into the EOAT erector set.
OMG has been making thermoforming machinery for over 40 years
featuring a wide range of custom roll fed and sheet fed thermoforming
systems for the food, packaging, automotive, medical, electronic,
construction, leisure and boating industries.  Capable of processing PET,
PVC, PS, EPS, PC, PMMA, PP, ABS and other materials from thin wall to
1/2" thick.  Complete servo drive, positive and negative forming
thermoformers with part handling automation and scrap reduction.